About Us

Welcome to oyott.com!

Established in 2021, we are a unique online shop specializing in the creation of lighters and pipes. Our approach is to take classics and update them with a creative twist. Explore our store to find lighters and pipes with different functions.

Our philosophy is to dare to explore the unknown and embrace different passions.

Our mission is to prioritize product quality and customer satisfaction.

Why Shop With Us?

Professional Team:
Our dedicated team of 8 includes design and manufacturing experts, as well as a customer service team that can solve any problem.

Since day one, we have focused on providing the best customer service and value. By minimizing operating costs, we are able to offer the best prices to our customers. Our secure website ensures a worry-free online shopping experience.

We have partnered with SF Express and other international professional logistics companies to provide our customers with a seamless delivery experience.

Supply Chain:
We have established strong supply chains to produce our own products based on customer orders.

For any inquiries, please reach out to us at oyottofficial@gmail.com.

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